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How We Do This

Our goal is to reach and exceed your goals. Our SEO experts sit with you to analyse your business and understand your goals. We want to learn about everything your business does and wants to do. From there we put together a customized strategy to reach them. It’s about asking questions, visiting your location and getting the full scope of who you are.

We’re clear about the strategies we want to employ, the costs associated with each, and the timelines we expect to get things done. Transparency is important to us, playing games isn’t.

This means that we now become an extension of your business. Everything we do is in-house to allow us the control needed for all the detail work.


Are people having trouble finding your website?

Recently SEO has undergone major changes. No longer is the focus solely on finding keywords, building links and getting high rankings on core keywords. With algorithms constantly changing and search engine introducing penguins, pandas and hummingbirds… Oh my, into the mix… the scope of search engine optimization has had to undergo a major shift.

The reality is SEO is now the culmination of optimizing a lot of organic opportunities and doing it really well! It’s about being strategic in your social media platforms. It’s about proving to Google that you are as good as you believe you are. And it’s about building up your credibility.

We don’t work to trick Google or put our client’s sites in a position to be penalized. A good SEO company focuses on a long term initiative strategically designed to generate quality traffic, improve leads and build a more authoritative site in your industry.


  • Keyword research + consultation
  • Site content consultation
  • URL registration with top search engines
  • Increase critical traffic to your site
  • Goal conversion
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